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Homoaffective Union: elopement or destination wedding

Today we are gonna write about a subject that a lot of couples are coming to us for, the homoaffective union.

In Brazil, same-sex union has been declared legal since 2011 by decision of the Federal Supreme Court and in 2013 the National Council of Justice published a resolution allowing the registration of the union in the notary's office. Since then, the number of registrations has grown greatly throughout the country and also the search for couples of other nationalities, mainly because their countries of origin do not allow it.

Us from I do are very happy to receive these couples here for their elopement or perhaps their destination wedding and we have a specialized legal counsel to support the couple with all the bureaucratic issues and the necessary documents.

Our advice is Chagas & Cassar, which specializes in international law, which greatly helps non-Brazilian couples who need to translate their documents.

For the wedding the couple needs a lot of planning since sending their documents in a timely manner is important and also more days in the city where they want to get married so that you can set the date with the notary.

With this we were also able to organize a super romantic trip and a post wedding with a mini honeymoon too.


We are specialized team in Elopement and destination Wedding, and will help you with the destination choice, negotiations with providers and accommodation and air ticket reservation.

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