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All about Elopement Wedding Consulting in Brazil

There is a new type of wedding ceremony that has been trending here in Brazil, it is the Elopement wedding. With a small, intimate and romantic ceremony, couples usually choose for some stunning places to say I do. This type of ceremony is the best one for couples that do not want to organize everything or don’t want to have many concerns about the wedding.

Elopement Wedding in Brazil

Elopement weddings are already common in other countries, the ceremony has only the couple, the wedding celebrant (here it can be attached to their faith or not) and some close friends and family. As it is a small celebration, it is also cheaper and the couple can spend more on the honeymoon as well. There is no need for big ornaments, gifts for guests, catering or even a DJ. What really matters here it’s the couples love and their moment with each other celebrating love.

Specially for shy brides and grooms this can be a very good choice.Or even, for those who already live together and want to make their union official and also share their love.

How does the elopement wedding consulting works:

I do Brazil, offers the full elopement wedding consulting service for any destination here in Brazil. To make sure that everything works out perfectly and the way bride and groom whished and dreamed about it, we follow the 3 following steps:

Step 1 - Full detailed analysis of the couples profile and their wishes for the ceremony, made by filling up a form sent it to both and later a meeting, in person or via Skype.

Step 2 - Defining the wedding location according to the profile and expectations outlined in step 1. This is the time where budgets are sent, always seeking to respect the couple’s budget.

Step 3 - After the location selection, which is essential for the rest of the logistics, we will prepare a complete inventory with at least 3 options for each supplier, with their budgets. We can help all negotiations with the suppliers so that it fits the couples needs. Everything set up based on the profile made on step 1.

The consulting includes:

- Consulting since signing the contract till after the wedding.

- Reliable suppliers with the best cost benefit and that suits the couples needs.

- No limited calls, whatsapp or emails. We will be ready to help you at any time and for every detail.

Talk to us:


+ 55 21 98810-0183


+55 21 99590-2623


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