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All about Destination Wedding Consulting in Brazil

With so many beautiful sceneries, Brazil has multiple places where you can host you Destination Wedding. Beaches, mountains or wineries, it does not matter what is your style, the best advantage of packing your bags for getting married is that you can count on the perfect and paradisic landscape for the YES. Just like a dream coming true.

Destination Wedding

The lovely place for the cerimony becomes also the best place to extend this moment for two. Because of that, most of the grooms choose to combine the wedding with the honeymoon at the same city or at the same country.

In Brasil, this type of celebration has been gaining more enthusiasts. One of the best parts of a destination wedding is that it doesn’t end just with ceremony and reception. Between the check in and checkout there are infinite possibilities. You can create an unique schedule with tours, events, parties and also the rehearsal dinner, an north American tradition, that is perfect to unite the guest on the day before the wedding.

How does our Destination Wedding consulting works

In order to plan and perform the Destination Wedding, we (Manu and Fabi) from I do Brazil, help couples from the first big decisions until the end of the event, all according to the couples profile and expectations, budget and trip details.

The first step is detailed analysis of the couple profile and whishes to the ceremony made by a complete form send to both after a meeting (in person or via Skype).

After that, with all the informations together it is time to decide which will be the destination location: best time of the year, space, how many people will attend. After all we have to make sure that the expectations are being fulfilled. We also need to check if there is date availability or some bureaucracy to solve (for instance, when marrying at the beach it could be necessary a Mayors office authorization).

Destination Wedding

When the destination is finally chosen, it is time for some other issues to be solved: suppliers. We have a complete inventory with three options for each category needed for the wedding along with their prices and we help you with all negotiations to make sure that it can attend to the profile and budget established by the couple.

We can also provide help creating a trip program, with tours and events for the guests and also take care of the hotel stay and reservation for the guests and for the bride day.

When we talk about budget, for a destination wedding that can be very adaptable. We do it all based on the couples preferences, they can choose to enjoy the natural view without many expenses on decoration or maybe invest on a superproduction.

What can we do for you?

- Help you pick the perfect spot and destination for the ceremony according to your interests and budget

- Trip planning, along with transfer for Bride and groom and also guests. Help on choosing the hotel, touristic schedules and on buying plane tickets.

-Support on choosing and making reservation for tours

- Supplier indication- filming, photos, designers, musicians, DJ

- Bride day;

- Personalized support for guests, understanding their needs

- Consulting from the contract till the post wedding

- Phones, messages, emails and all- No limitations. We are 24/7 ready to help you out.

Why hire the Destination Wedding consulting?

With so many things to see and decide you may have noticed that having help is essential. I do is a specialized company focused on tourism and weddings. We love what we do and our only goal is to make unique and perfect moments for the couple.

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