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Four places in Brazil to celebrate your Elopement Wedding

Casamento no Cristo Redentor - Rio de Janeiro

As we already said it here in our blog, Elopement Weddings are trending now in Brazil, and so the cities and hotels are adapting and investing in order to have the proper infrastructure to celebrate this type of ceremony.

I do Brazil set up a list where you can find the 4 best places to have your elepoment wedding:

Jericoacara - Ceará


Jericoacoara is sort of a paradise hidden in the Northeast of Brazil, in Ceará State. With few flights and small airport this place is still preserved and has the most beautiful freshwater lagoons I have ever seen. The village is covered in sand and has vast sand dunes all around it.

Jeri has all kind of resorts and also an infrastructure for elopement weddings, there you can have a special trip planned for you. A symbolic ceremony is perfect for just the two, with or without ornaments and can be celebrated at a lot of locations. Pedra furada is one of my favorites. Isn’t that perfect?

Rio de Janeiro

This one is a classic! Nothing represents more Brazil than Rio. With stunning places, mountains and forests, here there is no need for any decoration. The city can be your own background when celebrating your ceremony.

Here you can choose, maybe at the rooftop of a hotel? Or at the top of the Christ the Redeemer? At sunrise on Praia Vermelha? Or even at Sugarloaf? There is a place for every bride and groom.

The best choice is to have a photographer taking pictures while you exchange vows with a perfect background.

Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha island is actually a dream come true. The natural beauty of the island is one of the most perfect ones I have ever seen. Extremely protected, here you can have your beach elopement wedding.

Home of one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, this paradise is still very much preserved. Here you can even do the celebration over some scuba diving if that is your passion. With blue and green waters this is the perfect scenario to celebrate love.


Trancoso - Bahia

There is not only one place in Bahia State where you can have your celebration, the whole state is full of perfect beaches and destinations for that.

Here you can pick the one the fits you the best. Itacaré and the perfect beaches, Trancoso with one of the best beaches in the world, Caraiva with the tiny village, or even Salvador with great resorts.

Bahia is the state where you can have your elopement wedding the way you want it to.


We are specialized team in Elopement Wedding in Brazil, and will help you with the destination choice, negotiations with providers and accommodation and air ticket reservation. Click here to know more!

Have an incredible Elopement Wedding in Brazil. Talk to us!


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